Beautiful Large Tribal Antique Cream Color Persian Serab Rug 71984


Size: 11 ft 8 in x 17 ft 7 in (3.56 m x 5.36 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Serab Rugs

A Beautiful Large Size Cream Color Antique Persian Serab Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 -The antique Persian Serab rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs, as far as the more tribal rugs go. This one is not quite unusual, even among this specific group of Persian rugs where most of the antique rugs are pretty unique. The most obvious distinction that this piece has over many of the other area rugs from Serab is its larger size. That is because the vas majority of the antique Persian Serab rugs were created by nomadic or semi nomadic peoples. As such, these Persian tribal rugs can be found, overwhelmingly, in far smaller and runner sizes. So to find an antique large size area rug from Serab is quite exciting.

Another aspect that is quite unusual and facinating is the design in the main field. Set against a solid lighter cream colored rug background, you will see two sets of floating tribal medallion like motifs. The for diamond medallions feature cypress tree rug designs that are so reminiscent of the old antique Persian Afshar rugs. The other eight floating emblems are quite facinating. not only are they based on patterns that we would normally associated with the iconic antique Persian Bakshaish rugs, when you examine each one closely, you will see that each one has a series of birds that surround the more central design element. Many of of these rug patterns, go back centuries and each animal, plant and geometric human figure that you see in antique tribal rugs has a special meaning for Persian rug weavers who created it.

The colors of this tribal antique larger size Persian Serab rug are softer and neutral. Each one of the colors creates a beautiful and artistic juxtaposition against the solid cream background. Some elements really pop and stand out while others blend in more softly and add a sense of history as well as a feel of artistic mystery.  As the eye travels along the antique tribal rug and as you spend more time with it, you will discover more and more unique designs and elements.

This tribal antique Persian Serab rug tells a story hidden in the ancient mists of time. It tells of tradition and the joy of life today, just as traditional Persian rugs have done over the centuries. This is an excellent piece of tribal textile art that would complement almost any interior design scheme. If you are buying area rugs for your home, this spectacular tribal Serab rug, is sure to bring you joy for many years to come.

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