Antique Tribal Geometric Persian Serab Hallway Runner Rug 71835


Size: 3 ft 6 in x 13 ft 8 in (1.07 m x 4.17 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Serab Rugs

Gorgeous Antique Persian Serab Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Persia,  Circa date: 1920 – The camel background and tribal geometric design of this Persian Serab hallway runner rug invite the eyes to scan the rug for its full runner length. Ideal as a hallway runner from your foyer to another room on the first floor, it encourages guests to come in and get a closer look. You can also use it to decorate a hallway in an upper level of your home.

When you place this hallway runner rug on the floor, it has an uncanny, trompe l’oeil effect. It almost appears three-dimensional, with a mosaic tile floor pattern. Reminiscent of many Persian palace floors, this antique rug brings a little of the Persian Empire into your home.

The rich earth tones compliment most modern decor. Subtleties in the browns, oranges, reds, rusts, and beiges allow for the toned down color palette of this rug to blend in in any space you put it. If you prefer to use it as a wall hanging or display it in a framed box, you will find that its geometric patterns dominate in smaller rooms while creating a focal point for discussions in a larger room.

The smallest details in this rug are probably the most fascinating. They are highlighted by the dark blues and greens within diamond shapes and chevron patterns along the interior central border. Looking closer you will see a tie-in to nature, with an almost floral pattern or representation of flowers and nature. This is further emphasized by another border that is clearly flowers.

These tribal Persian rugs, at least the iconic antique Persian Serab rugs, are woven from camel hair, a facet you can easily see in any of the wool that is camel-colored and not dyed a different color. The magnificent tribal rugs from Serab dated pre-WWII are legitimate Serab region rugs, woven there and made in this triangular region of rug production.

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