Rustic Ivory Antique Decorative Persian Sultanabad Rug 71955

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Size: 11 ft 3 in x 13 ft 7 in (3.43 m x 4.14 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Decorative and Beautiful Antique Ivory Persian Rustic Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880The allure of the exquisite antique Persian rugs, such as the one presented here, casts an enchanting spell that is seldom equaled. The earthy and rustic rug color palettes and expansive, open motifs of these antique Persian Sultanabad rugs are thoughtfully arranged, resulting in a decorative rug that is a truly enchanting blend of opulence and playfulness. The more artistically inclined Persian Sultanabad antique rugs offer a splendid exhibition of grandeur while exuding an air of youthful innocence.

The design area rug style of this remarkable antique Persian Sultanabad rug harmonizes pastel tones as a backdrop, allowing the rich, rustic red rug color hues to vividly stand out and captivate. The wide border encompasses a pattern derived from the central field, creating an elegant frame that imparts a sense of harmony and wholeness. While the border’s pattern boasts a touch more structure, it harmoniously contrasts with the intricate design in the main field, producing a whimsical and almost flamboyant imagery that exudes an enthralling artistic tension.

The most captivating feature of this masterpiece lies in its intricate detailing. An array of floral motifs and patterns grace its surface, and through the ingenious artistry of the illustration, they seamlessly intertwine in perfect harmony.

The grand-scale adornment of blossoms, stems, and leaves unites the composition with a satisfying balance of structure and exuberant delight. The result is a profound visual impact, showcasing an elegantly subtle portrayal of organic grace and majestic refinement within this vintage ivory Persian Sultanabad rug.

Area rugs of this caliber, like the resplendent light ivory-toned rug marvel before us, adorned with its sweeping, all-encompassing design, infuse interior spaces with an idyllic sense of delight, refined splendor, and exotic allure. For those in search of exceptional area rugs to buy for their home, this Persian Sultanabad transcends mere decoration, standing as an exceptional textile masterpiece that promises to bestow boundless joy and contentment upon its fortunate owner.

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