Artistic Flat Weave Vintage Blue and Purple Swedish Sverige Sannolikt Kilim Rug 46849

Size: 5 ft x 7 ft (1.52 m x 2.13 m)

Produced during the mid-20th century, this sophisticated vintage Scandinavian carpet depicts a graphic pattern of fractured tiles rendered in rich, cool blue hues.

Vintage Swedish Rug by Sverige Sannolikt, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid 20th Century – This handsome vintage carpet from Scandinavia captures the spirit of the mid-century modern movement with its graphic style, abstract sensibilities and minimalist appeal. Jagged stripes cut across the splendid sapphire-blue field on this Swedish rug and create a fabulous pattern of fragmented stained-glass tiles in all shapes and sizes. The bold cool-tone color palette in this vintage Swedish rug which was designed by artist – Sverige Sannolikt, unites the disparate motifs with help from tonal stripes that cut across each block and tie together the minimalist composition. Textural hand-woven variegation and nuanced color changes give the seemingly monochromatic motifs a sense of depth and movement. The perfectly varied jewel-tone tiles extend through the edges of the borderless composition in a statement that is timeless yet defies convention. In a classically Scandinavian manner, this harmonious carpet is sleek, simple yet full of subtleties that are waiting to be discovered.

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