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Antique Floral Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile 49460

Size: 5 ft 4 in x 8 ft 4 in (1.63 m x 2.54 m)

Elaborate Antique Floral Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile 49460, Country of Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa Date: 1900’s – Fans of exotic antique rugs and textiles that bring faraway images to mind won’t be able to turn away from this phenomenal antique Uzbek Suzani embroidery textile. This is a antique Suzani embroidery textile from Uzbekistan was created at some point during the late 1800’s.

This beautiful antique Suzani embroidery features a richly vivid floral design pattern that’s mesmerizing and detail oriented as can be. People who like designs that are intricate, thoughtful and sophisticated are sure to appreciate the artistry of this magnificent textile art piece. It features a wealth of colors of all types. It’s a captivating mix of bright reds and oranges and also has elements of beige and black and even has intriguing and eye-catching vivid blue accents. All these magnificent colors juxtapose beautifully against the light background color.

This antique floral Uzbek Suzani embroidery textile is a one of a kind piece that has the distinction of uniqueness on its side. It displays flowers that are evocative of a time period that’s deep in the past. The patterns includes a blend of bigger and somewhat smaller flowers.

Today, many people use these Uzbekistani emroidered textiles as wall hanging tapestry rugs to add a splash of color, texture and pattern to any room’s interior design. Although this Suzani embroidery has a strong historic appeal, it can suit all varieties of interior design schemes and decorating schemes. It can work in contemporary and futuristic residences just as effortlessly as it can work in more classic  or traditional living spaces, too.

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