Antique Spanish Tapestry with Medallion 50249

Size: 8 ft x 8 ft 3 in (2.44 m x 2.51 m)Print

Antique Spanish Tapestry, Country Of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: 1900 — This magnificent Spanish antique tapestry recalls the majesty and elegance of the Spanish court at the height of its globe-spanning power. Elegant, supremely striking, and imbued with an exquisite sense of regal power, this stunning piece boasts true artistry and majesty.  Bearing traditional European design, this antique Spanish tapestry begins with a pair of plain, neutral borders. These austere frames surround the magnificence within. Rich alizarin crimson provides the base of the piece. Complexly elegant flourishes form a magnificent pattern unique to the styling of European royalty, providing an exquisite frame to the dark crest at the heart of the piece. Darkly majestic and beautifully singular, the crest bears a black lion at the prow of a red boat, boldly declaring power and dominance. This stunning Spanish tapestry is an exquisite work of art, ensuring an intense artistic statement.

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