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Seychour Rugs

View Our Beautiful Collection of Seychour Rugs from the Caucasus

Antique Caucasian Seychour Rugs – The antique Seychour rugs are actually a sub type of the Kuba rug.  Woven in the small town of Yukhari Zeykhur in Azerbaijan which is located in the the Caucasus region the antique Seychour rugs are known for their tribal beauty, more abstract designs and their fine quality weave and structure..

The Caucasian antique Seychour rugs are also known for their use of more richly saturated colors and dyes. The cabbage rose and the seychour cross are the two typical patterns featured on these rugs.

Unlike other more structured Caucasian rugs, the antique Seychour rugs do not share the same symmetry in their borders. The weavers of the Seychour rugs seemed to take a far more organic and free flowing approach to the design and weaving of their carpets.

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View our current antique selection of Caucasian Seychour rugs below:

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