Antique Uzbek Prayer Embroidery Textile 47392

Size: 3 ft x 4 ft (0.91 m x 1.22 m)

This delicately designed antique Uzbek Prayer Embroidery Textile features two thin black frames filled with white geometrical designs, and a rich gold background with colorfully patterned egg shapes, and a grey arch shape in the middle.

Uzbekistan Textile, Uzbekistan, Early 20th Century – Uzbek Prayer Embroidery Textile, Antique, Uzbekistan is famous for their embroidered panels that usually featuring geometric and floral themes and were frequently given as part of a bride’s dowry. This particular design is full of intricate geometrical designs embroidered onto a golden background. It is filled with a large grey arch like shape in the middle that has only golden color inside of it. Surrounding the arch are many egg shaped objects in differently patterned and colored forms, which perhaps symbolize fertility since it is a rug given when a bride marries. The egg shapes are connected with different shades of maroon, black, grey and white stems and leaves and there is also a large V or worm shaped object at the top that is striped in white and grey and topped by a red flower with a green stem and leaves.

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