Antique Persian Turkoman Textile 2201


Size: 2 ft 10 in x 4 ft 4 in (0.86 m x 1.32 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Turkoman Textile, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1910 – This gorgeous piece of Turkoman textile art would make a beautiful piece of artwork for your walls or as a special table covering. It was created in the early years of the 20th century and shows the range of simple fabric designs that were popular during the era. It reflects the idea of sustainability and was likely a way to use scrap fabric.

This piece is similar to a patchwork quilt and has a folk-art charm. This look is once again gaining popularity as designers are moving away from mass-manufactured pieces. Items that show the touch of human hands are becoming important elements of room design. This piece of textile art was hand-stitched with the colors and patterns carefully arranged in a beautiful geometric design.

One thing to note in this piece is that it features open work on three sides of a field. The field is not centered and the design is asymmetrical. It could have been hung on a wall or used as part of a religious ceremony. It has remnants of fringe on the bottom, suggesting that it was created for a special occasion or purpose. This piece does not tell us exactly what it was used for, but it does tell us that it was created with a specific purpose in mind.

This magnificent piece of handwork uses a beautiful color palette with traditional reds and blues. The various stripes add contrast. The artist carefully oriented the stripes to create changes in the direction of the design that adds visual interest. Tiny hand-embroidered accents also add to the tribal feel of this piece. This is a piece that shows the love and careful thought that went into creating it.

Even though the exact use of this piece remains a mystery, it is obvious that it served more than a decorative purpose. Regardless of how you decide to use it in your room, it will add personality and make an excellent conversation piece. Our team will be happy to tell you more about this exquisite piece.

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