Antique Tribal Primitive Pattern Turkish Oushak Long and Narrow Hallway Runner Rug 70276

Size: 4 ft 5 in x 21 ft 3 in (1.35 m x 6.48 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

A Beautifully Decorative And Warm Antique Turkish Oushak Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Turkish Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – This long Oushak runner rug has a captivating tribal design in warm, fiery colors. Oushak is one of the larger towns of western Anatolia, and they are known for unique motifs and designs that are used to create rugs like no other in the world. This carpet was created around the turn of the 20th century and is the perfect piece for traditional and contemporary interior design trends.

Oushak carpets are known for their soft, lustrous wool and designs that reflect both tradition and individual artistry. This rug has a distinctive tribal quality in the designs and colors that were chosen. Oushak rugs are known for using a wide color palette and a variety of design motifs. They often show a spontaneity that you do not find in carpets from the formal weaving centers and larger cities.

This is a unique piece because it is a large format runner. The colors of the rug are earthy and vibrant. They are reminiscent of the colors found in the spices and goods that were once traded along the Silk Road by caravans as they made their way across the landscape. The beautiful designs and colors of Oushak rugs have made them favorites among collectors and designers for centuries.

The appeal of Oushak rugs comes from their geometric designs and gorgeous colors. The range of designs and styles makes each of these rugs unique. This one adds an old-world feel to the space and a feel that is fresh yet earthy with its brilliant colors and tribal symbols throughout.

Tribal rugs are finding their way into a wide range of contemporary design trends. This is the perfect Turkish rug for a Boho chic design with its saturated colors and tribal designs. Many designers also use Oushak rugs in formal designs to add a colorful touch to contemporary interiors. This rug is cozy and versatile. If you have a space with larger-scale architectural features, this is the perfect piece to fit the room.

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