Large Oversized Cream Antique Decorative Turkish Oushak Rug 49166

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Size: 12 ft 8 in x 19 ft 7 in (3.86 m x 5.97 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Through the use of muted colors, this beautiful Oushak rug creates an airy series of lines and patterns presented in a naturally flowing way. Though hazy and ephemeral in presentation, the palette uses warm colors in the instances of tangerine, cream and beige, all of which are arranged around each other to create a skillfully subtle degree of contrast. One large border surrounds the core of the Turkish rug, itself further framed by two thinner borders, all ultimately transitioning gracefully from the edges of the antique rug to the center, where a large field of gold awaits the viewer’s attention.

A Beautiful Soft And Decorative Oversized Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Turkish Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – Subdued salmons, pinks, and oranges grace the garden of this enchanting antique Turkish Oushak rug. The impressive size of this antique Turkish rug will make it a statement piece in any room. The large scale of the extremely decorative rug is enhanced by the large size of the floral motifs and the balance between the space taken up by the borders and the field of the antique rug.

This large size rug uses an all over/ almost arts and crafts design, that invites the eye to take a stroll among the beauty within its borders. Antique rugs of this size were often created to adorn the floors and walls of public buildings, large palatial estates and other grand spaces. They were meant to inspire a sense of the sublime and the connection of man to the natural world. The soft, delicate colors and lines of the floral elements bring a sense of warmth to larger architectural elements.

In modern design, these large oversized antique Turkish Oushak rugs make a beautiful complement to traditional and contemporary designs. The use of warm colors in this rug enhance his transcendent beauty and its overall size still invoke a sense of majesty. The soft subdued colors of this magnificent antique Turkish Oushak rug give it a timeless quality that makes it an essential piece for any space that is large enough to support its design. The elegant and timeless design of this classic antique Turkish rug makes the space inviting and continues to inspire awe through its use of bold design and classic elements.

This large oversized antique Turkish Oushak rug is extremely decorative and could easily be incorporated into many different home decor approaches. The soft colors and light feel are sure to brighten up and warm up any room.

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