Masterpiece Mohtasham Kashan Persian Rug 70521

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Size: 10 ft 10 in x 14 ft 7 in (3.3 m x 4.44 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Floral Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880 – The mastery and artistry of Hadji Mollah Mohammed Hassan Mohtasham are unmistakable. During the late 1800s, Mohtasham was one of the artists who were responsible for the revival of the Persian rug industry and, once again bringing it into global prominence. His designs have an ethereal, sublime quality that goes beyond the works of other carpet artists.

There were many master artists during the revival period, but we only know the names of a handful of them. Mohtasham is one of them. This rug is a large piece with a fine knot count. Rugs of this size and quality could take a team of weavers working under Mohtasham’s direction a year or more to create.

This medallion design rug has the hallmarks of Mohtasham’s work in the colors and intricacy of the design. It has a formal elegance that few rugs can evoke. Many of Mohtasham’s rugs were created on commission for wealthy, powerful recipients. He was considered one of the premier masters of the time.

Mohtasham was a descendant of the revered 16th-century poet of the same name. Kashan is a city in central Persian that was frequented by highly-influential people throughout its history. A 17th-century visitor described it as a town with clay houses and narrow streets, with skeins of colorful yarn hung out to dry throughout. This city was the studio and inspiration for Mohtasham’s designs.

This rug is inspired by the beautiful gardens surrounding Kashan. One of the characteristics of a Mohtasham is the needle-wrapped edges with magenta threads. These carpets are known for their fine weave and soft, yet durable wools. The fineness of the knots requires incredible manual dexterity.

Every square inch of this antique rug is simply breathtaking. It is a carpet for the serious collector and has a delicate, soft texture. Mohtashams are a rare find this one has been exquisitely preserved. It is one of those rare finds that does not become available often, as many of Mohtasham’s pieces are already in the hands of collectors.

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