Fine Jewel Tone Color Antique Classic Traditional Persian Medallion Design Mohtasham Kashan Area Rug 71617


Size: 7 ft 7 in x 10 ft (2.31 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1880 – This exquisite antique Persian Kashan rug is the work of master carpet weaver Ustad Mohtashem. This spectacular antique Persian carpet was produced around the 1880’s, yet its delicate pinks and blues remain vibrant today. One of the characteristics of these breathtaking antique rugs, that makes them so sought after, is that they were woven using high grade wool and gives off a luminous sheen similar to thank of silk rugs.

This magnificently classic traditional rug features a formal center rug medallion which radiates symmetrically from the center. The design highlights graceful weeping willow trees and a beautiful floral pattern. The master weaver balanced light and dark areas using hues of pinks, blues, and ivory. The field of this artistic antique Mohtashem rug is divided into major sections using contrasting background colors to give them definition.

The motifs of the Persian Mohtashem Kashan rug are worked in exquisite detail with darker outlining to set them apart from the background. The border of the antique Persian Kashan Mohtashem rug is proportioned to the main field of the finely woven antique Mohtasham carpet in a way that makes the rug appear to be of grand scale. Many of the design motifs in the field of the antique Persian Kashan rug are smaller than those in the border. This balances the central design and the main border and gives the Mohtashem rug an overall sense of harmony and cohesiveness in its design.

Elegant area rugs such as this fine example that would look beautiful in any traditional room where it brings a sense of warmth. It is an excellent piece for any home or office that could benefit from a classic design produced by a master artist. The antique Persian Mohtashem Kashan rugs are some of the most beautiful area rugs in world.  Many of the best rugs ever woven by Mohtasham only found in the homes of collectors. To own one of these fine high quality area rugs is a privilege.

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