Antique Oversize Samarkand Pomegranate Design Khotan Rug 50200

Size: 11 ft 3 in x 19 ft 6 in (3.43 m x 5.94 m)

Breathtakingly Beautiful and Quite Rare Antique Oversize Samarkand Pomegranate Design Khotan Rug, Country of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa date: Mid 19th Century – This gorgeous oversize antique Khotan rug is breathtaking and rare masterpiece of idyllic intrigue and balmy bliss. Soft golden pastel hues are woven with bold and vibrant happy shades of red for an impression that is uniquely charming. Tribal geometric designs of this antique Samarkand carpet dance around floral patterns, creating a fascinating aura of distinct elegance and organic whimsicality. This brilliantly happy carpet glows with childlike cheerfulness and effervescence.

The central field is washed in a luminous sandy gold tone, which appears almost translucent in its natural brilliance. This radiant arena is tastefully embellished with floral decals and fascinating pomegranate designs. These magnificent design motifs are depicted in a variety of warm colors and arranged in geometric patterns. The colors include rare hues such as tangerine orange, sleek ivory, true blue, and silvery beige. Delicate vines within this pomegranate design Khotan rug twist around round blooms and fruit like objects.

The framing border of this magnificent antique rug contains five unique strands that are lined with a thin blue strand on each side. These thin blue lines provides a crisp and polished look. They are also used throughout the borders to create separation and to show case the uniqueness of each one of the borders.

The innermost guard border is embellished with a soft faded Greek key design. The next border features singularly placed flowers surrounded by a beautiful solid shade of soft mauve. The next border showcases a series of geometric pomegranates that are lined up side by side and are set against a vibrant and happy red colored background. The last outer border boasts the iconic rams head designs that were rendered using the same happy colored that we see in the field.

This wondrous pomegranate design Khotan rug exudes both sophistication and spontaneity. It reveals the skillfulness of its designer and rug weaver in every detail and every single stitch. It is sure to add a lovely scene of sophistication and unforgettably exciting charm to any interior design.

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