Antique Flemish Tapestry Rug 46403

Size: 5 ft x 7 ft 2 in (1.52 m x 2.18 m)
Style: Tapestry

This enrapturing antique Flemish tapestry depicts a richly detailed pastoral scene that is graced by lords, ladies, squires and figures that evoke a romantic era in history. Sublime European borders filled with mythical figures, lush bouquets, regal birds and an abundance of botanical motifs emphasize the luxurious palatial style of this European tapestry. Within the splendid frame, wild botanical motifs leap out of the foreground and emphasize the warm, glowing color scheme. The scenic landscape features a richly detailed foreground while well-proportioned people, horses, dogs and forest creatures grace the mid-ground. Distant cottages, shadowy mountains and carefully shaded trees complete the painterly composition of this phenomenal antique Flemish tapestry.

A Beautiful and Tranquil Antique Flemish Tapestry Rug, Country of Origin: Belgium, Circa date: Late 19th Century,  – The age of chivalry lives on in the wild and untamed European landscape and the regal, sophisticated composition of this splendid antique Flemish tapestry. This exquisite Flemish tapestry, from the late 19th century, depicts a scene from much earlier times. This panel shows Renaissance families and various scenes in the smaller panels around the borders. The antique Tapestry rug is done in the style of Renaissance tapestries and captures pastoral scenes from daily life. Musicians strum songs, families walk together on a beautiful day, and some are out for a day of sporting on horseback.

This magnificent wall hanging tapestry is full of life and abundance. The beautiful colors are vibrant, and the tapestry is carried out in a high level of detail. The work uses a wealth of color in a realistic style. Highlights and shading are used to create the effect of the fabric draping and light hitting the trees. The tapestry mimics the iconic Renaissance paintings in its subject matter and style.

The border of the antique tapestry uses a limited number of repeating scenes placed symmetrically around the outside of the main field of the design. This gives the piece a sense of balance. This piece uses a fine level of detail and everything is carried out realistically. It is intended to mimic the style of the Dutch painters of the Renaissance and pay homage to the artistic skills of the that painting tradition.

This antique Flemish Tapestry rug is an excellent piece to add to the collection of aficionados of 18th century textile artwork Renaissance. It is a beautifully idyllic example of Renaissance revival artwork and is an essential for the tapestry historian, or anyone who appreciates fine art.

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