Antique Austrian Smyrna AXX Rug By Joann Balkrausen 70483

Size: 12 ft 7 in x 12 ft 7 in (3.84 m x 3.84 m)

Beautiful Round Antique Austrian Smyrna AXX Rug 70483 By Joann Balkrausen, Country Of Origin: Austria, Circa Date: 1912 – This graceful and elegant garden-themed Art Nouveau carpet was created by Johann Backhausen & Sohne in 1912. This textile firm began in the 1860s and was known for its exceptional fabrics in damasks and brocades. They were also known for their fine tapestries and carpets.

This work is titled “SMYRNA AXX.” Johann Backhausen & Sohne were notable for their creation of carpets that were part of an artistic movement known as the Vienna Secession Movement during the early 1900s. Artwork from this period was similar to that of the Art Nouveau movement. Repeating stylized florals were a popular motif found in works of this style and time period.

This carpet is from the family estate of the famous New York conductor, Carl Bamberger. It was more than likely purchased by his father, Gustav Bamberger. It remained as part of the family estate until 2013. The Johann Backhausen & Sohn company was known for doing custom work and special orders. This work very well might have been a commissioned piece.

The carpet features roses in reds, pinks, salmons, and yellows against a black background. The leaves around the edges are a classic Art Nouveau style. There are many similarities between Vienna Secession and Art Nouveau styles, including the use of crisp lines, simple figures, and the use of vivid colors against a dark background.

This is a magnificent piece that brings the freshness of the natural world into the space. It makes the perfect accompaniment to a historically inspired or contemporary space. It is spirited and vibrant in both its design and color palette.

This is a beautiful piece and an excellent example of work from the early art movements in Vienna around the turn of the 20th century. Examples of authentic pieces from the Art Nouveau period are rare, and this one is in an exceptional state of preservation from the collection of a well-known figure.

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