Antique 19th Century Dagestan Kaitag Embroidery 70084

Size: 1 ft x 2 ft 11 in (0.3 m x 0.89 m)

A Beautifully Artistic Small Antique 19th Century Dagestan Kaitag Embroidery, Country Of Origin / Textile Type: Dagestan, Circa Date: 19th Century – The simple design of this tribal antique Dagestan uses universal symbols that are found throughout many cultures around the world. The spirals and suns made from concentric circles are designs that are found throughout the world on almost every continent. Every inch of this beautiful antique Kaitag embroidery was hand stitched with love to create a beautiful antique textile that is beautifully artistic and highly collectible.

The technique used to create this antique Caucasian piece is extremely simplistic and uses only two basic stitches. The top portion of the antique embroidery is worked on midnight blue color fabric using a stitch that gives it a ribbed or raised effect. This adds texture and accentuates the brilliant colors. This antique 19th century Dagestan Kaitag embroidery is then stitched to a backing material using a running stitch in two colors. This is similar to how the antique quilts. The backing appears to be several pieces of scrap material that have been stitched together and serve to protect the front of the piece.

This captivating antique Kaitag embroidery textile uses only two basic colors against the darker blue background. It uses a purple cranberry and ivory color, alternating in a way that brings out the design against the blue background. This adds to its primitive, tribal feel and helps to create a fascinating juxtaposition which allows the design to really stand out.

This beautiful, primitive antique Kaitag embroidery could easily be incorporated into most modern and / or tribal interior decor themes with ease. It would make an excellent table cover or could easily be framed and hung on the wall as tapestry. Regardless of where you choose to display it, this 19th century embroidery will be sure to be a conversation starter.

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