Antique Oversized Persian Kerman Carpet 50113

Size: 13 ft 6 in x 25 ft 5 in (4.11 m x 7.75 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Large Antique Oversized Persian Kerman Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 — Showcasing the best of Persian craftsmanship, this Kerman carpet features a myriad of details. Beautiful floral and fern patterns draw the viewer’s attention along the skillfully wrought shapes. Two primary colors: deep cobalt blue and rich elegant gold define the activity throughout the antique Oriental rug, the two hues standing in stark contrast against each other to make every little detail all the more unique. From the rich, dark borders to the smooth, gold background at the antique rug’s center, the masterful use of contrast allows the viewer to appreciate every furling petal and winding vine as they establish a natural rhythm that adds further character to the impressive antique oversized Persian Kerman carpet.

A garden in the colors of lapis and cobalt blue stand gracefully against the sunny yellow background of this elegant antique Persian Kerman carpet. This antique Persian carpet was created around the turn of the 20th century and is an excellent representation of the masterful skill of the Persian rug weavers from the city of Kerman. This beautiful Persian vase design carpet has a celestial quality that is embodied in its palatial oversize and the intricacy of its pattern.

This remarkable antique rug uses a simple palette of blues and warm tones of various intensities to create shading and contrast throughout the design. The all over floral rug design uses a repeating pattern to draw the eye vertically and create the impression of length. Antique Persian Kerman rugs of this size were used to create a sense of scale in public spaces and large private estates. These magnificent works of textile art inspire a sense power and majesty in their combination of color and design elements.

The rug artist who created this antique Persian Kerman has embodied the concept of an abundant garden paradise with life springing forth from every corner. The borders of this oversized Kerman Persian rug feature a midnight blue background that serves to frame the field and add to the expansiveness of the antique carpet.

Many different floral design elements can be found in this overflowing garden design rug. All of them have a significant meaning and represent concepts such as abundance, purity, or immortality. This antique rug’s design employs the elements of line and repetition to draw the eye and allow it to wander through the garden. This remarkable large antique oversized Persian Kerman carpet is masterfully created and would brighten any space with its elegance. This caliber of antique rug will be sure to attract much love and attention from all who happen upon it.

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