18th Century Silk And Wool Antique French Tapestry 70872

Size: 9 ft 1 in x 15 ft (2.77 m x 4.57 m)
Origin: French Rugs
Style: Tapestry

Stunning 18th Century Silk And Wool Antique French Tapestry, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: 18th Century – Verdure tapestries, or “garden” tapestries first began to appear in the 16th century. They become even more popular in the late 17th century, and they remained so well into the 18th century when this tapestry was created. This French tapestry is made from silk and wool, which allowed the artist to use the shimmer of the silk to create the essence of light in the piece. This is a gorgeous antique piece and a rare find. It is perfect for creating a formal space designed on a nature-inspired theme.

“Verdure” references the lush, green foliage that is characteristic of tapestries of this style. The foliage and plant life take center stage. These tapestries often have a city or castle scene in the distance. Sometimes, you will find birds, animals, and a few people enjoying the lush landscape. Many of them were made in the tapestry works of Aubusson and Lille. These antique French tapestries were meant to hang on walls for both decoration and insulation.

The artistry of the verdure tapestries shows a highly developed level of artistic skill. They often have a realistic quality that gives them a sense of distance and perspective. In this way, they mimicked the painting styles of the time. The diversity of color shows a well-established and highly skilled dye works. This allowed the artists to create subtle differences in shade that give these tapestries their realistic look.

This gorgeous antique French tapestry is so realistic that you almost feel like stepping into it and relaxing by one of the trees. It will bring a tranquil, peaceful feel to the space. It is stately and elegant, and it is also the perfect way to introduce a touch of nature into the space. These pieces are highly prized among collectors for their breathtaking beauty and rarity on the market. This one would be an excellent piece to add to your collection.

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