Antique 17th Century Persian Khorassan Carpet from William A. Clark 47074

Size: 9 ft 10 in x 15 ft 9 in (3 m x 4.8 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

The Nazmiyal Collection is excited to announce the recent acquisition of this antique 17th century Khorassan Garden design carpet which was part of the famed collection of William Andrews Clark.

Antique Khorassan Garden Carpet from the collection of William A. Clark, Circa Date 17th Century, Country of Origin: Persia – The Nazmiyal Antique Rug Collection is excited to announce the recent acquisition of this antique 17th century Khorassan Garden design carpet which was part of the famed collection of William Andrews Clark.

During the late 19th century, some of the largest personal fortunes of all time were amassed. Business tycoons such as J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie generated fortunes in the tens and hundreds of millions. One other such successful tycoon from this time: William A. Clark, a copper magnate who, during the turn of the twentieth century, described himself as “the richest man west of Mississippi.”

William A. Clark was a man of great taste and is recognized for being a particularly discerning collector. Clark used his millions to acquire some of the finest works of art available anywhere in the world. Clark was especially interested in the “exotic” Middle Eastern art that was so in vogue during that time. As such, Clark took to purchasing some of the best examples of rugs that he could find.

As one of the most versatile collectors of his generation, Clark had a special 130 room residence built on 5th Avenue and 77th Street in Manhattan. This building was constructed for the sole purpose of house his ever-growing collection of fine furnishings, paintings and antique rugs.

One particular piece that was part of Clark’s impressive collection is this 17th century Khorassan garden carpet. Considered by the mavens to be one of the best and only examples, this antique Persian carpet is, in every aspect, a masterpiece.

Measuring 9’10” by 15’9” (or 3.00 by 4.80 meters), this impressive carpet is characterized primarily by its unique star-and-cross style pattern. A series of tessellating designs shaped alternately as eight pointed stars and pointed crosses unfolds throughout the field of the carpet, each shape is filled with splendid and exceptional detailed work. A harmonious color pallet of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues give this carpet a Zen-like energy that is quite dynamic as well.

The detailed work within the stars and crosses as well as the borders is exceptional. Precisely woven floral and vine scroll details occupy just about every inch of this carpet, elevating its already impressive composition to even greater heights. An astonishing series of borders impeccably woven and an ever-appealing pallet tie the entire piece together perfectly.

An amazing work of art, this breathtaking 17th century Persian Khorassan carpet is a grand achievement. Impressively woven and objectively appealing, it boasts a veritable level of beauty that is apparent in every single stitch. The fine quality and knotting of this rug is a testament both to its 17th century Persian weavers, as well as the 19th century American who brought it into his personal collection: Mr. William A. Clark.

Rarely is a carpet as exceptional, important, rare and beautiful as this piece ever seen. Rarer still is the fact that it is available to be acquired as most 17th century rugs of this caliber are prized possessions of private collections and / or museums.

Upon his death, Clark bequeathed his vast personal collection to the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Including this exceptional 17th century Persian Khorassan carpet.

There are only six other known area rugs in the entire world that are of this vintage and feature the star and cross lattice design. Further, there are, only three known examples (this carpet being one of them) in the world that feature the design of this carpet as well as the rich variety of colors. Of these three examples, it is this piece that is the largest and the most complete.

Indeed, its incredible rareness, remarkable condition and significant provenance make this piece a genuinely significant and important work of art. Nazmiyal is proud to have such an exceptional piece as part of our early rugs collection.

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