Rare Collectible Early Antique 16th Century Spanish Alcaraz Carpet Fragment 3430


Size: 1 ft 6 in x 1 ft 11 in (0.46 m x 0.58 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

This lovely fragment of a classical Spanish Alcaraz carpet displays a lovely acanthus vinescroll pattern in a classicizing Renaissance style

A Rare 16th Century Alcaraz Rug Fragment from Spain, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Spanish Rugs, Circa date: 16th Century -Fragment of an antique Alcaraz carpet, Spain, 16th century Though we can only see a portion of it, this lovely 16th century antique Spanish Alcaraz carpet fragment displays a lovely acanthus vine scroll pattern in a classic Renaissance style of the type that evolved in the period following the Reconquista under Ferdinand and Isabella. The geometric border, however, still harks back to the Moorish past in which carpet weaving originated in Spain. The sweet, gentle palette of sepia set against ivory accentuates the dignified classic reserve of the design.

Warm earthy muted tones create a delicate and detailed tone on tone feel in this exquisite 16th century Spanish Alcaraz rug fragment. After the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, rug designs began to take on a more European design character. Colors became muted and designs featured bold repetitive artistic elements in the field. Yet, the influence of the Moors can still be seen, in the stylized motifs and design of the vase seen in this magnificent antique rug from Spain.

This breathtaking rare and collectible antique Spanish rug relies on the color to impart its most artistic impact. The size of the motifs and the use of negative space gives the antique rug fragment a sense of scale that makes it appear to be larger than its actual size. Even though the colors of this 17th century Spanish Alcaraz rug have mellowed over time, the artistic character of the 16th century fragment continues to stand out.

Are rugs like this beautiful antique Alcaraz rug fragment are timeless treasures that represent important time periods in the history of Spanish art. These types of area rugs, especially the early examples of rugs are highly collectible rugs. It would be a rare valued and coveted  example for any antique rug collection. This small size 16th century Spanish Alcaraz rug fragment represents a rare and beautiful find that will be a conversation piece for those who appreciate its place in the art and weaving history of Europe and the Spanish Empire. If you are looking to buy rugs that are seeped in history and have a sense of mystery, then this early Alcaraz fragment would be a magnificent option.

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