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Antique Yarkand Rugs – Yarkands are quite distinctive among the carpets of East Turkestan. While much of East Turkestan weaving is dominated by the influence of Chinese motifs and coloration, Yarkand carpets relate more to the Islamic world. As such, authentic antique Yarkand rugs and carpets often feature motifs and styles found in Persian and Caucasian rugs. Such rugs often have tree-of-life and pomegranate designs that are derivative of compositions originating from Iran and West Turkestan.

Similarly, antique Yarkand carpets may utilize mihrab niche patterns for making prayer rugs in the Muslim tradition. Sometimes, a Yarkand prayer rug from East Turkestan will feature multiple niches or saphs, making them distinct and recognizable. The coloration of Yarkand carpets is rich and vibrant, linking these area rugs even more to the Middle East in overall appearance; Chinese rugs generally sport more subdued and monochromatic pallets.

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