White And Black Colored Modern Boho Chic Rug 60110

Size: 12 ft 2 in x 15 ft 5 in (3.71 m x 4.7 m)

Magnificent White And Black Modern Boho Chic Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Black and white are a classic color combination that never seems to go out of style in the interior design world. The most common use of this dramatic juxtaposition is in contemporary design. This modern rug adds a casual feel that allows you to use black and white in room designs that include tribal, Eco Chic, Moroccan interior design and colorful Maximalist home decor styles. This overall look and feel of this black and white rug was inspired by the rugs of the Berber tribes of Morocco, but the weaver gave it a modern touch that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

Of course, this modern Boho Chic rug is perfect for an all black and white room either with or without a few pops of color. The braided fringe on the edge of the rug breaks up the harsh lines and gives it a tribal quality that will tone down a formal space to make it more welcoming. It is perfect for a tribal-inspired Boho Chic room or as part of a layered rug interior design look. This rug from central Asia would make the perfect foundation for adding in a few antique Persian rugs or modern geometric pieces.

Traditional vintage Moroccan rugs are known for their soft pile and natural feel. The artist captured the essence of these classics by creating a piece with a long pile and a soft, luxurious feel. Open-plan spaces are an important part of modern architecture, and area rugs are used to help define functional areas within these spaces. Today, it is becoming more important for our spaces to serve more than one purpose.

Many are finding themselves working from home, where they need to create an area that inspires productivity and creativity. This black and white colored modern Boho Chic area rug allows you to create a space that could be used as a work area by day and transition to a place for entertaining by night. This is a beautiful and versatile piece that will allow you to create almost any look that you can imagine in your home, office, or your new home office.

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