Moroccan Rug 45426

Price: $3,900.00 Price: $2,340.00

Origin: Morocco

This understated Moroccan rug features a lush allover pattern with mottled details that emphasize the luxuriously textural pile of this timeless vintage rug.


5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)


8 ft 4 in (2.54 m)

Moroccan Rug,¬†Origin: Morocco, Circa: Mid 20th Century – This fantastic and stately vintage rug — a Moroccan piece crafted by the artisans of mid-twentieth century Morocco who were responsible for the manufacture of some of the very best rugs ever made — is a piece that embodies many of the characteristics that collectors most seek in mid-century Moroccan rugs. Historically, Morocco is a part of the world that has been prized for its texturally rich and effortlessly modern rugs, and this piece shows just why that is the case. This stately vintage rug features a subtle pattern of variegated and mottled details incorporating complementary hues of amber, dark taupe, charcoal gray and beige. This subdued vintage rug from Morocco features a comforting combination of earth-tone colors that are exceptionally versatile and adaptable.¬†All in all, this is a piece that is not to be missed. Its beautiful design and fantastic composition make it not only a highly desirable piece, but a genuine work of art.

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