Vintage Swedish Rug by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg 47030

Size: 7 ft 9 in x 8 ft 2 in (2.36 m x 2.49 m)

Designed by the award-winning Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, this vintage Swedish area rug showcases a fantastic black-on-white design with bold primary color accents.

Vintage Swedish Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th Century – Affectionately known as the Queen of Rugs, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg is the foremost figure in the second wave of Scandinavian textile and carpet designers. This striking black-and-white design incorporates subtle op-art details that highlight Ullberg’s exceptional pattern-making skills, which are especially pronounced in the medium of vintage carpets. The bold yet understated field is lined with lenticular stripes that evolve to form complementary windowpane end pieces. Eye-catching stripes and crisscrossing lines tantalize the eye while bright pops of red, blue and yellow provide a pleasant infusion of color. Like the best Scandinavian designs and designers, Ullberg gathers inspiration and even techniques from the past and uses them to create modern designs that are both impressive and inventive. This vintage Swedish Ullberg area rug epitomizes the classically modern style and ideals that grew out of the global mid-century design renaissance.

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