Vintage Solid Cream Color Moroccan Sisal Rug 46630


Size: 2 ft 8 in x 3 ft 7 in (0.81 m x 1.09 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Woven from sisal fibers, this chic vintage rug is a mid-century Moroccan carpet that has a stunning neutral facade with charming variegated textures and striated color variations.

A Vintage Solid Cream Color Moroccan Sisal Rug, Country Of Origin: Morocco, Circa date: Mid 20th Century – This understated sisal textured vintage Moroccan rug from the mid 20th century, was woven way up in the high Atlas mountains of Morocco. This beautiful mid-century modern vintage Moroccan rug features a magnificent monochromatic face with natural color variations and elegant mineralic undertones. Perfect for traditional or minimal spaces, the calm ecru-colored surface has subtle variegated patterns and woven textures that have naturalistic veining and marbled stripes. Eggshell white details, almond yellows and nuanced neutral colors give this Moroccan rug a calming, refined presence. The beauty of this splendid natural rug lies in the delicate color variations and innumerable neutral hues. This beautiful yet simplistic vintage mid-century modern rug highlights the incomparable beauty, texture and unique traits that make sisal one of the most valuable fibers for functional and decorative handcrafts.

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