Vintage Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Swedish Rya Shag Rug 45668

Size: 8 ft 1 in x 11 ft 4 in (2.46 m x 3.45 m)

This striking vintage Scandinavian Rya possesses a classic mid-century op-art style with its warm colors and kinetic shapes that feature undulating organic curves.

Vintage Rya Rug, Scandinavia, Mid 20th Century – Created in Scandinavia, this classically modern vintage Rya features an abstract allover pattern with sweeping lines and grand curves that create a wonderful counterbalanced composition. Undulating outlines, gradient patterns and translucent colors create a widening focal point that gradually transitions from sable and rusty brown to golden orange, translucent yellow and ecru. The monochromatic bands of saturated color emphasize the luxurious texture of the sumptuous Rya pile while the diminishing and expanding color swaths and organic curves add interest and movement to the transcendental figures that traverse the plush field. Rendered in a classically modern style, this vibrant Scandinavian Rya has an inviting abstract composition with its bold lines and color-rich shaggy pile that became fashionable traits associated with Ryas and modern Scandinavian floor coverings.

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