Vintage Scandinavian Flat Woven Swedish Kilim Rug 49771

Size: 6 ft 8 in x 9 ft 9 in (2.03 m x 2.97 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

Beautiful And Extremely Artistic Vintage Scandinavian Flat Woven Swedish Kilim Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavia Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – A garden of happy colors awaits you with this beautiful vintage Scandinavian rug.

Rows of flowers in brilliant luminescent colors create a modern design feel. This Swedish kilim rug employs simple design elements, in a stunning fashion, to create a feel of child like innocence.

The brilliantly colored flowers are set against neutral backdrop. This creates a stunning juxtaposition which makes the rug designs pop.

This beautiful flat woven rug uses flowers on an ivory background and simple four point star motifs against a gray background. The vintage mid century rug is capped at both ends by two yellow lines against a gray background.

The central field of the kilim rug is dotted by a rainbow of colored four pointed stars which at first glance seem to be arranged in a random and organic way. But once someone take the time to examine the piece, they will start to notice that noting in the design and coloration is random. Each and every design element were carefully selected and meticulously place to create geometric alignments and relationships between the different patterns.

This element of design complexity adds interest and and elevates this breathtaking flat woven Swedish kilim rug to the status of a truly magnificent art rug.

Naturally, the main attraction of this truly happy rug is the colorful flower border, that encircles the carpet, and forms the majority of the design and coloration. While these larger design elements are the main focal points, more subtle details, such as the serrated side edges of the interior field border, also add an element of interest to the rug.

This flat woven Swedish kilim rug uses many different shades of blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and reds to create a cheerful design that will brighten any space. The artist shaded the design motifs so that the colors gently blend into each other, creating a soft transition between the bright primary colors that is reminiscent of a beautiful water color painting. The end result is a design that is easy on the eye, but that still has a brilliant colorful appeal and is sure to brighten up any interior design as well as any person’s spirits..

The beauty of this flat woven Swedish kilim rug is that you can pick up any of the many shades of colors in the rug and create a room design that highlights it. It is a versatile piece and will match almost any contemporary decor choice. The unusual yet happy and innocent design and brilliant colors of this rug make it a piece that one can’t help but fall in love with.

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