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Vintage Moroccan Kilim 47212 Large View

Vintage Moroccan Kilim 47212


Size: 5 ft x 15 ft 8 in (1.52 m x 4.78 m)
Origin: Morocco

Creatively styled and constructed, this long, narrow Moroccan kilim displays a fabulous pattern of flat-weave stripes embellished with a textural latticework grid.

Moroccan Kilim, Morocco, Mid-Twentieth Century – This extraordinary vintage rug from Morocco features a beautiful series of poly chrome stripes rendered in a fresh, modern assortment of colors, including manila, chiffon yellow, berry pinks, fruity oranges and juicy lavender purples, which have a distinctly contemporary appearance. Muted yet vibrant, the pastel background features multi-width stripes and decorative flat-weave textures. Tufted latticework figures with richly varied colors are superimposed over the monumental striped background. This secondary latticework pattern reflects all of the lush background hues while taking on a much different appearance thanks to the rich fleecy textures. Diminutive eye motifs executed in the same tropical colors complete the sparse, beautifully composed design. This glorious, wonderfully detailed Moroccan kilim has a bold presence that incorporates a dazzling variety of colors and techniques that add to the originality of the contemporary design.

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