Vintage Black Cream French Art Deco Rug 49932

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 9 ft 9 in (1.96 m x 2.97 m)
Origin: French Rugs

An Extremely Artistic Vintage Black Cream French Art Deco Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: French Rugs, Circa Date: Vintage / Mid 20th Century – This bold vintage black and cream French Art Deco rug adds an artistic edge to the interior design of any room. Worked in only two colors, black and cream, the artist played with light, shadow, form, and motion in this fascinating design. There is a high degree of attention to the use of negative space in relation to the more busier parts of the design.

The rug artist used sharp angles to contrast with sweeping curves that give the French rug a sense of depth and direction. Areas of the vintage rug that have denser areas of lines provide motion and direction for the eye to follow. The bolder angular lines of the roughly rectangular shapes, upon which the structure is based, hold the design together in a way that gives it cohesiveness and a sense of balance even though the design does not have formal vertical or horizontal symmetry.

The use of light and shadow in the vintage black cream French art deco rug makes it appear as if the rug designs are stacked on top of each other, as if pieces of paper with ragged edges have been laid upon the floor one on top of the other. The artist used contrast between curve and line to create an ever-changing design that at times appears to be interrupted by a different idea that is superimposed upon it.

From an artistic standpoint, this rug has many different ideas going on at the same time. It has managed to be complex, yet simple at the same time with his use of only two contrasting rug colors. This would be an excellent addition to a monotone black and white interior, or the perfect touch for the minimalist or modern contemporary minded interior designer who wants a unique piece that will stand out on its own for the artistry that it represents.

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