Garden of Eden Vintage Tapestry by Barbara Rae Schaefer 48572

Size: 4 ft x 4 ft (1.22 m x 1.22 m)

“Garden of Eden” Vintage Tapestry by Barbara Rae Schaefer, Country of Origin: United States, Circa date: Late 20th Century —  This bright and abstract antique tapestry uses an impressive variety of colors and forms to captivate the viewer’s attention. A bright background of sky blue defines the primary colors while an eclectic collection of other hues stand out against it. Rich red, soft pink, fiery tangerine and bright yellow tones all add their own unique effects to this beautiful and modernist vintage Barbara Rae Schaefer tapestry. As the viewer’s gaze is drawn from one bright shape to the other, they can notice numerous little details present throughout, each made clearer by the darker instances of negative space skillfully used between the freely dancing and moving lines.

Titled Garden of Eden, the artist states that the piece is “inspired by the newly created world on earth as described in the Book of Genesis, where all creatures inhabit a Garden of Eden filled with joy and wonder and beauty”. The colorful, abstracted shapes in this tapestry make for a charming take on this classic old testament story.


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