Vintage Art Expressionist Tapestry By Calman Shemi 70478

Size: 7 ft 5 in x 5 ft (2.26 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: Israeli Rugs

Beautiful Vintage Art Expressionist Tapestry by Calman Shemi, Country of Origin: Israel, Circa Date: Mid 20th CenturyCalman Shemi is a master of color and light. This breathtaking mid-century abstract expressionist rug is the perfect piece for a retro-inspired room or for any room that needs a bright and colorful piece. Shemi is known for his pieces that have extraordinary use of color, and that are created in multiple layers. These features give his pieces depth and complexity. This tapestry is an excellent example of the characteristic style for which he is known.

Shemi was born in Argentina in 1939. He studied sculpture and ceramics under an Italian-Argentinean master. In 1961, he moved to Israel, and in 1963, he began creating pieces in a variety of mediums while a member of Kibbutz Carmia. Shemi hopes that his pieces bring light and optimism to convey to the spaces that they occupy.

This is a signed piece that is titled “Obscurity and Discovery.” It is easy to see how the layers of color embody this concept. Shemi’s pieces speak to the human experience, and many of his pieces seek to explore the relationship between the natural environment and the individual. During the last two decades, Shemi has participated in more than 70 single-artist shows all around the world. His work is highly sought-after by art galleries and collectors.

This a fascinating piece that uses color, light, and form in a way that encourages you to look beyond the surface. You can see that the piece was created in layers, with each layer obscured by a white-wash. The longer you look at the piece, the more layers you discover hidden below the surface. This piece encourages you to reach deep within. This tapestry uses both bold, heavy strokes, contrasted with delicate, fine lines. This colors, technique, and form all convey the concept of contrast, just as the title of the piece suggests.

The colors of this vintage rug are playful and range from the cool to the warm side of the spectrum. The hues are contemporary in their intensity, but they are also reminiscent of the beautiful colors of spring flowers. This piece has a decidedly ultra-modern look in its abstract design and use of color. It would be the perfect piece for a room with mixed metals and streamlined furniture.

This is a beautiful piece for adding color and texture to the space for a bright and spirited look. It would create drama and add character to an all-white room. You could easily create a well-curated look by using the colors in the piece as inspiration. This invigorating piece is essential for the collector or for creating an interior that is fresh and contemporary.

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