Vintage Abstract Expressionist Rug 70547

Size: 8 ft 8 in x 14 ft 10 in (2.64 m x 4.52 m)

Artistic and Beautiful Vintage Abstract Expressionist Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: European , Circa Date: mid 20th century – This gorgeous abstract expressionist rug from the mid-20th century is an excellent collector’s piece for the aficionado of midcentury style and design. Abstract expressionism was an answer to the strict rules and realistic styles of previous eras. Rather than trying to capture an accurate representation of an object or landscape, the abstract expressionists focused on capturing the emotion and feel of the piece.

For the abstract expressionist, every stroke of the brush was an act of emotion. The point of the art was more about the act of creation, rather than the object that was created in the end. Many abstract expressionist paintings by both well-known and obscure artists were made into rugs. They were popular additions to Swedish modern style and more streamlined styles of the era. Sometimes, these rugs expressed societal angst and served as an outlet in the Cold War era.

This beautiful vintage rug has a graphic design that uses bold, purposeful strokes. The background features cool, somber greys and blues punctuated by splashes of red and yellow. Like many abstract expressionist pieces, it looks like it was created in a flurry of passion and emotion. The blues, greys, and black of the painting give it a somber feel. The splashes of red seem to make a passionate appeal to the viewer.

We will never know what message the artist was trying to convey, but we do know that it is an iconic piece of midcentury art. This piece has a contemporary feel that would be the perfect way to add intensity and drama to the design. It would also make the perfect piece for a retro or retro-inspired room. This is a unique piece that you do not often find, which makes it a necessity for the midcentury collector. This rug will make a colorful and contemporary addition to your interior space.

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