Vibrant Red and Light Blue Color Large Antique 19th Century Tribal Persian Malayer Rug 46381

Size: 10 ft 7 in x 16 ft 10 in (3.23 m x 5.13 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Dramatic stepped medallions, colorful geometric figures and flamboyant peacocks with stylized tail feathers decorate this stunning antique Persian rug from Malayer.

Antique Persian Malayer Rug, Persia, Late 19th Century – This magnificent antique Persian Malayer rug showcases an astounding assortment of geometric medallions, stylized birds and cryptic symbols that are rendered in an alluring selection of abrashed Persian blue and robust tomato red. The dramatic composition centers around an impressive stepped-lozenge medallion that is divided into angular compartments and accented with poly chromatic details and symbolic motifs. The saturated vermilion field makes a bold statement that highlights the flamboyant peacock motifs and offsets the bold partial lozenges that line the edges of the field. Elegant borders and formal guard bands decorated with elaborate botanical motifs complete the sophisticated composition of this spectacular antique Persian rug from Malayer.

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