Urban Modern Abstract Transitional Rug 61015

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)

Urban Modern Abstract Modern Transitional Rug, Country Of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – Transitional room design gives you many options for creating a space that reflects your very own personal style. Whether you enjoy combining traditional and vintage pieces from different periods or Boho Chic and minimalist, the key to creating a cohesive space is choosing the perfect area rug. This gorgeous modern contemporary rug uses neutral colors and a subtle design that is perfect for transitional spaces.

This modern transitional rug features an abstract floral design and distressed look. It is reminiscent of aged, antique wallpaper that has many stories to tell hidden within its fibers. The inclusion of French text gives it a Parisian feel, making it perfect for creating a charming ambiance.

This beautiful Pakistani rug would make an excellent addition to any room of the home. It is an imaginative piece that could transform a bedroom, conversation area, or all-seasons room into a relaxing space. The neutral colors give the piece an earthy feel and allow you to bring a touch of nature into the space. Its garden theme sparks visions of the summer garden, and this piece would be a beautiful start to a room with brilliant florals or live plants throughout the space.

The artist used traditional motifs and gentle colors to create a piece with an urban feel. It inspires images of a quaint little street in Paris France, lined with brilliant flowers in full bloom, and café tables. This rug will create a cozy space and will allow you to combine vintage pieces with a touch of Paris. This abstract design area rug paints a picture that will serve as inspiration for creating your own sanctuary where you can relax and dream in the summer sun. It is a canvas waiting for your own creativity to emerge for an inspiring space in your home.

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