Tribal Antique 19th Century Rustic Turkish Kilim Rug 48609

Size: 5 ft x 12 ft 8 in (1.52 m x 3.86 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

This rustic antique rug, a beautiful primate and tribal antique Turkish flat woven kilim rug features a tribal pattern that is elegantly divided in half down the middle. Deep red borders give way to black shapes and outlines, which give further way to milky white backgrounds. All of the colors are skillfully chosen to create distinct contrast along the piece, resulting in clearly defined lines that communicate movement and purpose. At the center of the rug are several blue lines that come together with horizontal bars to create hexagonal shapes. Within each hexagon is a vibrant series of bars and shapes, each conveying safety and warmth within the hexagonal walls of this tribal antique Kilim rug.

Artistically Tribal and Rustic Antique 19th Century Turkish Kilim 48609, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Mid 19th Century – The Tribal antique Turkish rug designs from mid 19th century are known for their bold geometric patterns and beautiful use of contrasting colors. This antique kilim rug dates from the final century of the Ottoman Empire and demonstrates many of the design features common in antique rugs of that time. It is based on the hexagon with smaller motifs regularly distributed throughout the background.

This fascinating tribal antique 19th century rug, a captivating Turkish flat woven rustic kilim, uses a striking combination of colors including medium and dark blue, salmons, reds, browns, grays, yellows, and an ivory background. Traditional motifs outlined in contrasting colors give this beautiful and captivating antique flat weave rug a tribal quality that makes it different from the formal designs that were typically commissioned for palaces and public works. One of the more interesting features of this antique rustic area rug is that it features a different type of border on the sides and ends, rather than having a design that goes all the way around. This flat woven antique tribal rug stands as testimony to the diversity of art forms and styles that were present in 18th century Turkey.

The colors in this antique flat woven Turkish kilim rug are striking. At one point, this long and narrow tribal rug seems as if it may have been part of a much larger piece. But that is actually not the case as many of these were woven in panels and then sewn together to create the intended larger single piece. This antique Turkish kilim rug has a story to tell and a lot of history woven into its threads. It is a beautiful collectible that will be treasured as much for the story it has to tell as for its striking colors and beautiful tribal character.

For those who live life the imperfectly perfect Wabi Sabi way, and are looking to buy rugs for their home, finding area rugs that are more captivating than this antique Turkish kilim rug would be a hard task to achieve.

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