Tribal and Primitive Antique Rustic Persian 19th Century Serapi Rug 46198

Size: 9 ft 4 in x 14 ft 9 in (2.84 m x 4.5 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This superlative antique Persian Serapi rug showcases a robust, richly colored inset medallion graced by stylized botanical decorations and flourishing arabesques.

Antique Persian Serapi-Heriz Rug, Persia, Late 19th Century – Steeped in the culture of northwest Persia, this dramatic antique Serapi medallion rug displays a marvelous array of stylized botanical decorations and symbolic accents that have a wild, unbridled style. Crisp hairline details and elegant complementary colors emphasize the poise and regal countenance of the beautifully contoured medallion. The rich tomato-colored field has a fiery presence and an exemplary natural abrash that consumes the composition and balances the cool ultramarine details and eggshell white decorations. Multiple sets of beautifully decorated borders, each rendered in one of the tertiary colors, reemphasize the northwest style and the symbolic icons that are hidden in the angular decorations. This exquisite antique Persian Serapi rug has a timeless countenance exaggerated by the superb decorating colors and grand botanical designs.

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