Antique Persian Serapi Geometric Medallion Rug 72872


Size: 9 ft 3 in x 14 ft 4 in (2.82 m x 4.37 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Gorgeous Antique Persian Serapi Geometric Medallion Rug, country of origin: Persia, Circa date 1900 – Serapi rugs, named after the Iranian city of Sarab where they were first produced, are renowned for their intricate designs, robust construction, and enduring appeal. Our one-of-kind-rug exemplifies the artistry and symbolism that have cemented Serapi rugs’ place among the most sought-after textiles in the world.

Serapi rugs themselves originated in the Iranian city of Sarab during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This era coincided with a surge in demand for Persian rugs in the West. Savvy merchants in Sarab, capitalizing on this trend, began overseeing the production of rugs specifically tailored to Western tastes. While incorporating traditional design elements like the medallion, Serapi rugs often featured a more open field with a focus on geometric harmony, reflecting a preference for less busy aesthetics.

Central medallions are a recurring motif in many types of Persian rugs, including Serapi rugs. They serve as a focal point, drawing the viewer’s eye and imbuing the rug with a sense of order and structure. The specific design of the medallion can vary depending on the rug’s origin and age. They often incorporate geometric shapes, like squares, octagons, and stars, which echo motifs found in Islamic art and architecture. These geometric forms transcend mere aesthetics; they represent concepts of eternity, perfection, and the divine. The meticulous rendering of the medallion, achieved through intricate knotting techniques, further underscores the importance placed on this design element in Persian rugs.

Owning an antique Persian Serapi  rug is akin to possessing a piece of Persian history. It embodies the artistic mastery and cultural significance that have earned Serapi rugs a place among the most coveted floor coverings in the world. Displaying such a rug transcends mere decoration; it serves as a testament to a vibrant artistic tradition and a conversation starter that sparks curiosity about the history and symbolism embedded within these timeless treasures.

Our antique Persian Serapi area rug serves as a historical artifact, a testament to artistic skill, and a reminder of the enduring power of symbolic motifs that continue to captivate collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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