Tribal 19th Century Earthy Antique Tribal Persian Bakshaish Camel Hair Room Size Rug 49174

Size: 8 ft x 11 ft (2.44 m x 3.35 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Rare Antique Tribal Earthy Camel Hair Persian Bakshaish Area Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1880 – This splendid antique tribal Persian Bakshaish rug is a masterpiece of majestic grace and primitive rugged beauty. The primitive elegant charm of this beautiful Persian rug simply shines with artistic brilliance and ingenuity. Woven with camel hair, this magnificent Persian rug boasts a central field of intricately rendered tribal patterns that are broken up by a watery blue floating and irregular medallion. This inner field section is drenched in a beautifully organic and free flowing design and abrash rug color variations.

The detailed pattern of minutely executed floral within small, curvilinear eight-pointed stars fill the field of this carpet to create an illusion of simplicity in design. The deep blue central medallion is filled with small lotuses floating in a pond. The large field of browns, beige and blue simulate desert colors. The restrained use of blue and red in the flowers throughout the field of this antique rug harmonizes with the blue and red in the central medallion. The overall effect is a sanctuary or oasis of cool water in an expanse of desert sand and heat. The border of this magnificent antique tribal Persian Bakshaish rug echoes the effect, with the dark brown of the outer edge serving as the underlying color of the entire Persian rug.

Area rugs such as this rare tribal Persian Bakshaish rug are extremely versatile and can work in a multitude of interior design approaches. It could easily pair and work off of some of the greatest furniture that was design by the most iconic mid century modern designers. That said, this rare example could work just as effortlessly in a more simplistic or minimalist interiors where a splash of color, texture and authenticity are needed.

For those people who are shopping for more rare area rugs, This antique Persian Bakshaish rug should top the list!

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