Textured Brown Modern Transitional Area Rug 60974

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Size: 7 ft 7 in x 10 ft 10 in (2.31 m x 3.3 m)

Gorgeous Textured Brown Modern Transitional Area Rug, Country of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – Subtle and earthy has never looked so good. This sophisticated handmade area rug using a unique technique to achieve a seamless blend of texture and dimension. This neutral colored modern Pakistani rug was designed to go everywhere — your living room, home office, or bedroom. It comes with a bold earthy and grounding color scheme of brown and combines a cozy texture with a detailed pattern. This magnificent rug has rich strands of hand-dyed wool are woven to make an incredible textured transitional area rug. It is Accented with intricate designs and an earthy brown palette.

This rug is luxuriously crafted with soft wool fibers, which provide smooth texture underfoot. It is also pet friendly and easy to clean. This durable area rug promises to set your living space apart with its textural detail. This rug, from our collection of modern transitional rugs, adds fun and artistic flair to any decor while remaining understated. It is also great for giving your area a distinctly bohemian feel. The wool composition ensures a luxurious texture underfoot.

Woven in Pakistan, which has a long history in the art of weaving, this modern transitional rug was created by talented gifted artisans. These weavers created this modern rug with the best hand-weaving ancestral techniques passed from generation to generation. Rug designs and patterns, therefore, are unique and creative. Traditional and contemporary elements are combined in our modern transitional carpets. They take inspiration from the classic designs of traditional rugs and combine them with fashion forward updated and more in vogue designs and color palettes.

This combines the elegance of traditional styles with less formality and cutting-edge components that create a more dynamic environment. Transitional rugs come in every color, light or dark, and the pattern choices are endless. With transitional carpets, making a living area that expresses the inhabitant’s inner mind, body, and soul won’t be difficult. Our collection of modern transitional rugs are a designer’s favorite because they contain everything you need to bring instant style to any area. The best part is that various rug patterns are available in numerous shapes and rug sizes to suit your preferences.

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