Square Tribal Primitive Large Scale Allover Design Ivory Antique Turkish Oushak Rug 49323


Size: 13 ft 7 in x 15 ft 3 in (4.14 m x 4.65 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful Ivory Antique Oushak Turkish Rug 49323, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – Like many of the most beautiful antique Turkish rugs, this breathtaking and decorative antique Turkish Oushak rug focuses on the background space in order to maximize the effects of the foreground elements. The border of the magnificent antique carpet itself is relatively wide and defined through the use of a vibrant color, and the presence of the lighter background allows the motifs at the front to stand out more. By establishing two primary colors, viewers are free to alternate between the two with relative ease, allowing the contrast between the forms to speak for itself, especially along the heart of the antique area rug, where the division between the negative and positive space is presented in the most powerful way.

The delicate salmons, oranges and tans create a feast of color and form in this antique Turkish Oushak carpet from the turn of the 20th century. This is an unusual Oushak rug that was created to be displayed in a palace or other public space. Several design elements make this antique Turkish rug stand out, both historically and artistically.

The formal design of the Turkish Oushak rug is not apparent, other than the formal borders that surround the field. The borders help tie together what would appear to be an otherwise random design. Each of the larger motifs is rendered in the angular style that characterizes Oushak carpets. The design elements are all different and scattered throughout the field, seemingly without form or organization. It presents a rather abstract appearance, unless you can get into the mind of the designer and understand a bit about the context of this soft and extremely decorative rug.

These antique Turkish Oushak rugs were meant to be a part of large scale architectural spaces. They were designed to instill a sense of awe and power that suggests a connection to the sublime.

This antique area rug plays a trick on the mind because it appears as if it is a section cut from a much larger piece and framed. It is as if someone snipped a piece of an even larger rug that only exists in the mind’s eye. Using this technique, the mind imagines the space as being even larger than it actually is. When displayed in a space with rows of large columns and the light streaming through the high windows, this antique Turkish rug creates an illusion that makes the space appear expansive, as was intended.

This captivating antique rug will make any space appear to be larger and more spacious. The casual approach of the design, combined with the beautiful rug colors, makes this a truly remarkable addition to any collection.

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