Solid White Modern Boho Chic Room Size Plush Wool Pile Area Rug 142776188

Size: 10 ft 1 in x 12 ft 1 in (3.07 m x 3.68 m)

A Beautiful And Trendy Solid White Modern Boho Chic Room Size Plush Wool Pile Area Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug, Circa Date: modern Rug – A white modern carpet adds a clean, fresh look to the design. White makes the space look larger and gives it a wide, open, and airy feeling. This white-on-white carpet is a versatile piece that would be the perfect complement to the latest design trends from ultramodern to Boho chic.

Modern design is about adding texture and interest. The clean lines of contemporary designs are giving way to softer lines and textures. In a minimalist interior, this is the perfect carpet for adding texture and defining a space, without adding bold color to the design. It has a geometric design that could easily complement a contemporary space and give it a softer look and feel.

The latest design trends are all about adding texture. This white-on-white textured piece is the perfect way to do this and does not restrict the color scheme. It could easily carry the vibrant colors of a Boho chic design or an eclectic style. The braided fringe on the edges gives it a tribal feel that makes it the perfect addition to an organic, tribal design.

The design of the carpet is created by alternating areas of pile weave with areas of plain weave. These areas catch the light differently and make the areas of plain weave appear to be lower than the pile areas. The artist uses differences in pile height to create the design, but the pile is not exceptionally long, making it the perfect piece for any room of the home or office.

This would be the perfect carpet for a coastal design with light blues and soft ocean colors. It could also be used in a more dramatic design when paired with jewel tones and bright colors. This is a beautiful piece and a design essential, regardless of your personal style.

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