Solid White Minimalist Design Modern Boho Chic Area Rug 142780927

Size: 6 ft 3 in x 9 ft 5 in (1.9 m x 2.87 m)

A Beautiful And Trendy Modern Boho Chic Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug – There is nothing like a classic white rug to make the room feel more open and spacious. This gorgeous modern Boho chic rug has a soft texture and long, luxurious pile. However, if you look closely, you will see that artist broke up the design with areas pearl and textured areas of high and low pile.

The artist used traditional weaving techniques to give a modern twist to the classic, white rug. The addition of soft, neutral grays gives it a soft and cozy appearance. This rug is the perfect foundation for a neutral room. It would also make the perfect complement to an all black and white room. It would soften the drama of this classic color combination and make the space a bit more inviting.

The long pile and texture of this rug are also the perfect addition to a Boho chic room as well. The black and white fringe give it a tribal, primitive character that would be perfect for a room that emphasizes natural wood and vibrant colors.

This is a classic piece with a new twist that makes it perfect for today’s upcoming design trends. It will brighten the room, yet it has enough texture and subtle color shifts that will allow it to retain a soothing and serene feel. The ideas for using this rug are unlimited. It could be used to soften a more rigid design. If you are a minimalist, it is the perfect piece for adding texture, without adding unwanted color. This is the perfect piece for a number of modern design trends and contemporary styles.

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