Solid Ivory Cream Color Vintage Mid Century Modern Berber Moroccan Rug 46463

Size: 7 ft x 11 ft 4 in (2.13 m x 3.45 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Ideal for softening minimalist spaces, this outstanding vintage mid-century Moroccan rug has an expansive monochromatic field that is luxurious and versatile.

Vintage Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – This elegant vintage mid-century Moroccan rug is a fabulous textural addition to any minimalist space. The sumptuous papyrus-colored field has plush woolly pile with a robust shearling-like appearance that’s ready to envelop visitors with luxury. This superb mid-century Moroccan rug has an unmatched level of versatility and elegance. The monochromatic neutral color, the sublime textures and the dimensional nature of the fluffy pile all contribute to the alluring appearance of this extraordinary vintage mid-century Moroccan rug. This exceptional monochromatic rug forsakes symbolism and bold woven patterns to highlight the raw, organic beauty and incomparable textures of the luxurious woolly pile.

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