Solid Deep Red Color Vintage Moroccan Wool Pile Berber Rug 45849

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 9 ft (1.96 m x 2.74 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This elegant vintage Moroccan rug features a striking monochromatic field embellished with abrashed stripes that embody an air of simplicity and uncanny modernity.

Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – Rendered in a handsome combination of auburn, sienna, rufous and earthy terracotta red, this exceptional vintage Moroccan rug creates a bold statement with its saturated, high-chroma field and minimalist kohl black borders. The beautifully colored field features layers and layers of abrashed stripes, gradient variegation and nuanced colors. Naturalistic variegation and complementary reddish-brown hues create a bold statement with their passionate, well-tempered colors. This boldly colored vintage rug captures an alluring array of complementary colors within the softly abrashed field. Textural brick red fringes and an inconspicuous flat-woven end piece embellished with contrasting overcast add traditional tribal influences to this beautifully colored, wonderfully abrashed vintage Moroccan carpet.

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