Soft Neutral Color Geometric Modern Moroccan Rug 60782

Size: 9 ft 3 in x 11 ft 9 in (2.82 m x 3.58 m)

Stunning Soft Neutral Color Geometric Modern Moroccan Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern  – This gorgeous inspired modern Moroccan rug has an earthy feel that will bring a touch of nature to the interior of your home. It uses simple geometric shapes that make it perfect for modern interiors. This artistic modern rug uses muted tones of browns and greys as the background with accents of delicate blues and pinks that give it an uplifting feel. This rug was created in Afghanistan, but it was inspired by the traditional vintage Moroccan rugs that have been a part of the culture of the Berber tribes in Morocco for thousands of years.

This 9′ x 12′ size area rug combines ancient traditions with modern design concepts for a piece that is a gorgeous addition to any contemporary design. If your home decor style is Moroccan inspired or earth inspired Boho Chic or Eco Chic, this soft neutral colored rug makes the perfect foundation for the design. Its simple shapes evolve organically along the rug with gently shifting colors that are a reflection of the natural world. This neutral rug would be perfectly at home in a room filled with plants, arm-nit throws, and a Moroccan pouf.

The colors of the rug are gentle and would be perfect for adding a touch of color to a neutral palette. Choosing accessories in light pink or blue would give the room a grounded and balanced look. The geometric shapes also make this rug perfect for a contemporary room design. They add structure and form, but they also have a primitive feel that that adds a casual touch.

This is a gorgeous modern area rug that will complement a range of contemporary styles. It is inspired by ancient traditions that give it a worldly feel. The artist brought these elements together beautifully to create a piece that is perfect for our modern interiors. The result is a piece that will inspire you to create a room that reflects your personality and style.

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