Soft Light Grey Blue Background Antique Tribal Large Scale Allover Design Turkish Oushak Rug 45219

Size: 11 ft 5 in x 17 ft 2 in (3.48 m x 5.23 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Stacked medallions and ornamental lozenges surrounded by small symbols decorate the titanium gray field of this antique Turkish Oushak rug woven during the 1900s.

Antique Oushak Turkish Rug, country of origin: Turkey, Circa date: Antique – Introducing our exquisite antique Turkish Oushak rug, a timeless masterpiece that embodies the rich heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of Turkish rug-making. Dating back to a bygone era, this antique Oushak rug boasts a striking design that seamlessly blends traditional tribal motifs with modern sensibilities, making it a captivating addition to any interior space.

The soft grey-blue background provides a sense of calmness and allows the large-scale tribal and primitive motifs in warm, soft yellow-cream to take center stage. The absence of harsh contrasts allows the intricate details of the forms to emerge, while subtle variations within the grey-blue itself, achieved through texture or tonal shifts, add depth and richness. This interplay of a calming neutral and the bold tribal designs transforms the rug from a simple floor covering into a captivating artwork that sparks curiosity and invites exploration of its cultural heritage.

Our antique Turkish Oushak rug lies in its ability to breathe life into a modern space while maintaining a sense of timeless charm and historical intrigue. The soft grey-blue background seamlessly integrates into any décor, adding a touch of visual interest and a subtle nod to the past without overwhelming the clean lines. The large-scale tribal and primitive motifs in warm yellow-cream add a layer of cultural heritage and a touch of the exotic. This ability to bridge styles makes the rug a perfect choice for any room size. It can visually anchor a seating area in a living room, define a reading nook in a library, or simply add a touch of global flair to an entryway. The rug’s large size allows for a variety of configurations, ensuring it serves as a foundation for building a warm and inviting space with a rich sense of history.

The large-scale tribal and primitive motifs incorporated into the rug speak to the cultural exchange that Oushak rugs embodied. As a center of trade, Oushak weavers incorporated design elements from various cultures, resulting in a unique and captivating aesthetic. Your rug might bridge the gap between Anatolian tribal art and other artistic traditions, serving as a conversation starter about cultural fusion and global interconnectedness.

By incorporating this rug into your space, you’re not just adding a decorative element; you’re celebrating the artistry and heritage of Turkish Oushak rug making. A window into the past, and a foundation for building a space that is both stylish and steeped in cultural significance.

This large, antique Turkish Oushak rug is more than just a decorative element; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and a testament to the enduring power of tribal design. It seamlessly blends timeless design elements with functionality and a touch of the exotic, creating a beautiful and practical foundation for your modern home. This unique rug allows you to build upon its foundation by incorporating furniture with clean lines and natural materials like wood or woven fibers. You can further enhance the warm and inviting atmosphere by adding throw pillows or artwork that echo the tribal motifs and warm yellow-cream hues. By embracing the rug’s cultural heritage, you can create a space that is both stylish and steeped in history.


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