Soft Earthy Neutral Color Vintage French Art Deco Design Area Rug 72408

Size: 6 ft 4 in x 9 ft 8 in (1.93 m x 2.95 m)
Origin: French Rugs

This classy and elegant French Deco antique carpet is still very much in the Savonnerie tradition with art deco design elements.

Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: 1900 – This intriguing art deco carpet is something truly unique in the world of vintage rugs. For instance, although the medallion or cartouche format of this elegant antique rug is still very much consistent with the Savonnerie tradition, the stylized floral detail and quatrefoil medallions are derived from another period — they are actually of medieval inspiration. It is this interesting juxtaposition — which is as charming as it is stark to a trained eye — that identifies this piece as an example of the eclectic art deco movement that was influential in early twentieth century Europe . The lovely, subdued palette of soft purple, tans, and sandy gold accentuate the reserved elegance of the overall composition, resulting in a rug that is simultaneously playful and graceful, attractive and unique.

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