Soft Color Modern Turkish Oushak Area Rug 60476

Size: 6 ft 2 in x 9 ft 8 in (1.88 m x 2.95 m)

A Beautifully Decorative Soft Color Modern Turkish Oushak Area Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous modern Oushak rug adds a touch of vibrant color against a deep, natural, mocha background. Oushak is a Turkish city that has a tradition for weaving durable and beautiful rugs that goes back several centuries. This modern Oushak rug is an excellent example that demonstrates this fine weaving tradition continues.

The design of this rug is based on a traditional Oushak design. One of the characteristics that gives Oushak rugs their charm is their stylized, abstract renditions of time-honored motifs and design elements. This rug recreates traditional designs in a way that expands them and gives them a modern, abstract look. It has a formal quality, but it is also has a more casual feel, too. This unique design technique creates a piece that is versatile enough for a wide range of popular design trends.

This rug has a rich, neutral brown background that would pair beautifully with natural materials, such as woods, leathers, and forged iron pieces throughout the room. It also has accents of brilliant blues, spicy reds, and golden yellows that make the perfect match to today’s nature-inspired color themes. The playful accents against a deep brown background enhance the tribal feel of this rug and make it the perfect foundation for a Bohemian-inspired space.

This rug has a warm and cozy feel that invites you to decorate with fluffy pillows and plenty of plants throughout the space. It would also make the perfect floor covering for an ultra-modern or retro space. Furniture that has simple geometric shapes and open space underneath makes the perfect way to show off this beautiful rug.

For many centuries, the weavers of Oushak rugs have created inspiring pieces that are versatile enough to complement both formal and casual room settings. This piece has an element of tradition that is inspired by time-honored weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation. However, it also has an abstract, modern appeal, too. This is the perfect modern rug for creating a serene and inviting space in any contemporary design.

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