Small Size Antique Tribal Pattern Turkish Yastic Rug 45500

Size: 2 ft 2 in x 3 ft (0.66 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Decorative protection symbols and ancient Anatolian motifs adorn this splendid antique Turkish Yastic rug, which has a regal appearance and strongly colored visage.

Antique Turkish Yastic Rug, Origin: Turkey, Circa: 1890 – This stately antique Turkish Yastic rug is the paradigm of this distinctive, utilitarian carpet form. The handsome burgundy-red field depicts a classic lozenge medallion surrounded by a quartet of arching saz leaves that create a magnificent counterchange effect with their precise serrated edges. Branching latch-hook devices frame the central medallion and fill the balanced saz leaves, which add to the symmetry of the formal medallion composition. Secondary compartments adorned with partial checkerboard lozenges line the edges of the field and segue to the main borders, which feature a graphic pattern of staggered lozenges that produce a striking zigzag effect. Broad end pieces embellished with classical eight-pointed stars bookend the strongly colored symbol-rich field. This distinctive antique Turkish Yastic has a balanced composition with symbolic decorations and robust colors that create a powerful result.

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